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Hi ! I am Lakshmi Anand and I extend a hearty welcome to my site..This is the place where I love to share my culinary creations - be it South Indian, North Indian, Italian, Chinese, Mexican or exciting fusion food. Cooking and baking are my passions, and I really enjoy creating delectable meals for my family. I have two very sweet kids, and I love to cook creative food for them. I try to use whole grains, organic ingredients and healthy cooking techniques as much as possible.
Food photography also interests me and I am honing my skills in this area..

I strongly believe that cooking with love & a pure heart will result in food which will not only be tasty & wholesome, but will also enhance the physical and spiritual well being of the people who consume it...

My family has embraced a vegan lifestyle..So our food is essentially vegan (we also strictly avoid silk, leather and cosmetics tested on animals). So you will find loads of exciting vegan recipes in this blog. Also vegetarian recipes can be found in the archives, which I had posted prior to becoming a vegan.

If you have any recipe queries, I will be happy to serve you.
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Thanks for visiting my site, and looking forward to your continuous  patronage !!

-Lakshmi Anand.

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