Quick and easy Sprouts Bhel

I made this absolutely yummy and healthy bhel as an after-school snack for my daughter and she just loved it! If you have your sprouts ready, it takes just a couple of minutes to assemble the ingredients to make it. With the crunch of sprouts and raw veggies tossed in a sweet dates chutney, topped with the flavour of mint, this snack is really going to impress kids and adults alike.

I have used organic whole moong dal for sprouting in this recipe. Just soak the moong dal for around 6-8 hours after washing and rinsing it nicely. Drain the soaked water, and  then rinse it once more. Place the rinsed moong dal in a moist cotton cloth for the next 10-12 hours for sprouting to happen.

Ingredients :

  • Sprouted green gram           2 cups
  • Tomatoes                             1 or 2
  • Onion                                  1 medium sized
  • Carrots                                1 or 2
  • Mint                                    1/2 cup
  • Dates (de-seeded)               10 or 15
  •  Black salt                           1/2 tsp
Method :
  • Finely grate the carrots, and chop the onion and tomatoes.
  • Grind the dates and a few leaves of mint to a fine paste.
  • Toss together the sprouts, veggies, black salt and the dates paste.
  • You can also add red chilly powder and chaat masala if you like. 

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